Make Your Special Event Memorable with Banks R & L Hiring

A lot of careful planning and resources are required when you are hosting an event, small or big. You need to pay attention to every single detail, be it the lights or the bells. But, on the day, what becomes more important is the venue.
Why not opt for a venue that is visibly impressive as well as versatile, and has an ambience that is unparallel and cannot be matched by others? Why not hire a marquee tent?

Banks R & L Hiring, situated in Paarden Eiland, Cape Town, offers a wide range of marquee hiring services allowing you to host personalised events that can only be compared with the finest. Banks R & L Hiring is known for its high quality marquee hiring services since 1999.

Why Hire Marquee Tents for an Event?
• You can use marquee tents for large events such as weddings, corporate parties, private functions, social gatherings as well as birthday parties and many more.
• As marquee tents are not subject to weather conditions, you can enjoy your event without worrying about bad weather ruining your perfect day.
• With a marquee tent, you can have your event wherever you want, be it in a garden, your workplace or your family property.

Why Choose Banks R & L Hiring?
Marquee tents by Banks R & L Hiring are luxury marquees that are manufactured from durable as well as strong material and can be enhanced by using various interior decorating and theme solutions. Our marquee tents are extremely stylish accompanied with distinctive features, and are unique to the South African market. Banks R & L Hiring creates an elegant and beautiful venue with its marquee tents, be it a wedding or any other special event. We have marquee tents of all sizes to fulfil all your requirements. We have the perfect marquee for every occasion.
All our employees are well trained and experienced. In the marquee tent industry, there is a constant innovation going on and we make it our aim to keep up with the latest trends. We offer modern, attractive and high quality marquee tents for hire. We pay special attention to all our clients and strive to make your event a stunning one.

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